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Phil Groves

Fri · April 12, 2019

10:00 pm

$0.00 - $25.00

This event is 21 and over

Jan Blomqvist
Jan Blomqvist
Jan Blomqvist, born in the 80s is a Berlin-based solo-artist and bandleader. He and
his band is into dancy electronica and clubsoul.

As a kid Jan sang 24 hrs a day. His parents approved and bought him his first guitar.
Just as he had learned to play like Keith Richards, he realized he’d rather be like
Mick Jagger. He founded his first band in a little village in northern Germany.
Then comes Punk: “musically rather destructive, but more or less character-building.”
The first money earned was spent on an amp. The school band didn’t want him as a
member. Their music was shitty anyway. At the age of 21, being an aerospace
technology student, he gets acquainted with techno. DJs. It dawns on him that music
could be a profession. “Being a teacher is riskier if you don’t like to get up in the

In the daytime, he sleeps. At night, he constructs his tracks for hours on end. He
earns money as a bartender at weekend club and spends it on ‘educational trips’:
Radiohead open-air concerts, Bar25, After Hours. Someday it’ll work: “to shatter the
boredom in the clubs, to bring a concert feel to their dance floors, with simple vocals
and minimal beats. Rock ‘n’ Roll in the club. Everything kept simple with finesse en

In 2011, a gig at fusion festival in front of 3000 people, releases on the Dantze and
Stil vor Talent. “The more the merrier.” In 2012 a rooftop concert at weekend club;
the YouTube clip is going to be seen by millions. 350 gigs in three years. Jan
remembers them all: New York, LA, San Francisco, Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, Rome,
Mexico City, Mumbai, Bangkok, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney,
Brussels, Amsterdam, Athens, Budapest, Beirut, Amman, Cairo, Bucharest, Warsaw,
Zurich, Vienna, London… For his first album „Remote Control“ (Release 2016) he
took as much time as it was needed. He loves half beats but hates half measures.
For him, being in the studio means to draw from his experience playing live

Solo artist and bandleader Jan Blomqvist’s orchestra: Christian Dammann, drummer.
Felix Lehman, pianist. Ryan Mathiesen, lyricist. “To turn the incomplete into character
sounds: emotional, honest, authentic, bass-dominated, two-toney, rarely in text book
fashion. Because it’s the minimally sloping sound that gives you goose pumps.”
Phil Groves
Phil Groves
Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

Venue Information:
646 N Franklin Street
Chicago, IL, 60654